Benefits of BEST

Why Hire a BEST Speaker?

C onferences and events, where people are gathered together for a common purpose, offer many things to the attendee. Conferences allow people with common interests to gather together, share industry news and knowledge, network, and have fellowship. While objectives may vary from event to event, and association to association, there is one thing that every meeting planner has in common – THE NEED TO FILL THE SEATS.  And one of the most important keys to filling those seats is choosing the right speakers who:

  • Are a draw
  • Deliver
  • Leave people talking about the event for months

A s a meeting planner, you realize the importance of hosting a remarkable event that:

  • Delivers on the attendee’s investment
  • Gives the attendees a good time Raises money Increases membership in your association
  • And ensures that attendees will be talking about it for months, therefore ensuring attendance for the following year…

Drivers-of-Business-SuccessT here is no question that the speakers you choose are critical to achieving all of these goals – particularly the speaker you choose for your keynote slots. Your audience will remember what happens first and last, most of all. A good opening keynote speaker will set the entire tone for the conference – just as a good closing motivational keynote speaker will leave them on a high and ensure that their last impression of your event was spectacular.

That is why you need a BEST speaker. This slot is too important to fill with dry, heavy content. This is the place where you want to speak to their emotion – the place where the most lasting impact is made. This is the place where you want HIGH ENERGY. This is where you need lots of laughter. And this is where you need a show, as much as you need information delivered.  This is the place where you need a motivational speaker to get the conference kicked off and closed out with a BANG!

For those of you who host events that are not conferences, but rather an events with a purpose (like raising money for a cause) that only lasts for a short time, and only involve one speaker – think long and hard about who you get to fill this slot.

For those of you who host educational events for your corporation and think motivation has no place – think twice. We are headed for a shortage of quality talent in the workplace. And it has been proven that it’s not money that motivates people.  And it’s quite clear that all the information in the world will not help an employee who is burned out, or who has the wrong attitude. Give your people information, and they will have information. Motivate them, and they will be inspired to use that information, and they will be encouraged to go out there and take on the world. Customer service tips are not nearly as golden as an employee who has the motivation to serve customers.

So no matter what you are planning, make sure you have included a BEST speaker. You’ll be glad you did!